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Ajoutée sur eBay aujourd’hui même, cette lettre rédigée à la machine et signée par Brian O’Nolan à son ami Seamus. Si jamais vous avez 10,000$ à dépenser…


81, Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin.
Dear Seamus,
I had a bash at the typewrite all day today and enclose the result.
The story about Murphy and Kelly is supposed to be a finished script; I hope it won’t be thought too macabre.
The cliché MS is not intended to be a script but material for one. It’s hard to know in what sort of a frame to put such stuff, e.g.-
Should it be got up as a faked quiz, with phoney failures, “mistakes”?
Would it be too difficult to try as a genuine test, with some of the Information Please people answering?
I can produce the same amount of material again in English, as well as stuff in Irish and Latin.
I have been looking over my records of stuff going back 14 years or os, and there is a bloody awful lot of stuff there; I was wondering would it be an act to hand it over to a script-writer with a fresh mind for him to do the excavations.
I would like to call to see you and will give you a ring on Monday.
All the beast,
Brian O’N
I meant to have much more Irish in cliché stuff, hence inapppropriate title of “cluiche clichë”.